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Meets Roger McGough, Brian Patten, Spike Hawkins and Pete Brown
Poetry Readings, Liverpool
Part-time Lecturer, Manchester College of Art (Foundation Course)

John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 3, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool


Reads magazine article by Alan Kaprow on Happenings
Begins painting The Entry of Christ into Liverpool City, event, with McGough and John Gorman for the Merseyside Arts Festival, Hope Hall, Liverpool
Death of a Bird in the City, event, with McGough and Gorman for the Merseyside Arts Festival, Hope Hall, Liverpool

Adrian Henri and Sam Walsh, Portal Gallery, London and Hope Hall, Liverpool


The Machine, event with McGough and Gorman for the Merseyside Arts Festival, Hope Hall, Liverpool
Paintings, Daffodils, Milkbottles, Hats, event with McGough and Gorman for the Merseyside Arts Festival, Hope Hall, Liverpool
Man, event with McGough and Gorman for the Merseyside Arts Festival, Hope Hall, Liverpool
Nightblues, event with Brian Patten and The Roadrunners, Hope Hall, Liverpool

Pop Art, Midland Group, Nottingham New Images from the North, Hope Hall, Liverpool (organised by Adrian Henri for the Merseyside Arts Festival)


Lecturer Liverpool College of Art (Foundation Course)
Bomb, event, with The Clayton Squares, The Cavern, Liverpool Night: a poem with and without words, event, with Brian Patten, Hope Hall, Liverpool

Open Exhibition, The Ulster Museum, Belfast
Arts Council of Northern Ireland £200 prize winner


Spring, event with the Clayton Squares, Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool
Black and White Show, event, with The Clayton Squares, The Excelles, Billy Butler and Bob Wooler, The Cavern, Liverpool

Industry and the Artist, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 5, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (Clement Greenberg was one of the Jury that year)


Meets Edward Lucie-Smith researching The Liverpool Scene
Film for ‘New Release’ BBC Television by Liz Kustow


The Mersey Sound, collection of poems with Roger McGough and Brian Patten, published by Penguin (Penguin Modern Poets N°10)
The Liverpool Scene, edited by Edward Lucie-Smith published by Rapp & Carroll Love Night, event, The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool
Poetry/Rock Group The Liverpool Scene formed with Andy Roberts, Mike Evans, Percy Jones, Brian Dobson and Mike Hart.
LP The Incredible New Liverpool Scene, with Brian Dodson, Roger McGough and Andy Roberts.

John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 6, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
Art in a City, I.C.A., London


Resigned from Liverpool College of Art
Meets Susan Sterne
First Visit to Le Thil, Normandy, to stay with John and Ann Willett. Returned there most summers thereafter until 1998.
Tonight at Noon, published by Rapp & Whiting
I Wonder, Guillaume Apollinaire play written with Mike Kustow, performed at the ICA, London
Revolution, Revolution, Revolution, performance by The Liverpool Scene, with Adrian Mitchell and Christopher Logue, The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool
LP Amazing Adventures of… The Liverpool Scene

ICA Gallery, London (solo show).
New Institute Gallery, Birmingham (solo show)
Midland Group, Nottingham (solo show)
Poetry Posters, Brighton Festival and Fulham Gallery, London
Biennale della Giovane Pittura, Milan


Meets Nell Dunn and begins writing I want
North West Arts Association Writers on Tour
City published by Rapp & Whiting
The Liverpool Scene, performances at the Bath Festival and the Isle of Wight Festival and subsequent tour to America
The Liverpool Scene, UK tour with Led Zeppelin
LP Bread on the Night, The Liverpool Scene, released by RCA
Adrian Henri’s Talking after Christmas Blues, with music by Wallace Southam, published by Turret Books
The Liverpool Scene, series for Granada Television

Leeds Art Centre (solo show)



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