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My thanks go to the many friends who gave me encouragements and advice in the conception and design of this website. My gratitude also goes to the artists, musicians, writers, academics and journalists who granted me permissions to reproduce their work, and to the LARCA research centre at the University of Paris 7. Last but not least, thank you to Paul Cary, webmaster extraordinaire, for his technical expertise, and his patience.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Adrian Henri and Gerardina Marcangeli, without whom.

Catherine Marcangeli, 2011


Photographic credits include

Alex Brattel
Simon Burns
Brian Duff
Robin Allison-Smith
Don McCullin
Richard Lake
Liverpool Daily Post and Echo
* Williams
Eve Goldsmith
Susan Sterne
Linda Bussey
Beatrice Bastiani
Philip Jones Griffiths
Edward Lucie-Smith
Peter Everard Smith
Robin Constable


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