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I've been a fan of the Liverpool Scene ever since I, along with my mates saw them perform at The King's Head in Romford, Essex way back in the late 60's. I co-host a music programme in Cairns in tropical north Queensland, Australia. It was our last gig for the year and Phil, my co-host asked me for a bit of an indulgence and I chose Percy Parslow's Hamster Farm. Probably the only radio station in the world to play it today. Kelvin Turner


Hi.  I love the Arian Henri website. It's shaping up to be a real resource for his fans.  How's the reissue of The Blues in Rat’s Alley coming along?  There were, I seem to recall, many Adrian Henri performances broadcast on BBC radio over the years which must be knocking around in a vault somewhere, or were recorded off air. Hopefully material for an Adrian Henri at the BBC type album one day. best wishes - Roger Merrick


We were contemporaries at Newcastle and occasional drinking buddies. He was always great company, entertaining and over life-size! The only vivid memory I have was sitting next to him over beers in the "Bun Room" and he was sketching something on a paper serviette and I asked him what it was : "a vagina2 he replied. Clearly something he was more familiar with than I was! (that was, after all, the 1950s. That was the only "artwork" of his I had seen until I visited Tate Northern a few years ago. Philip Makin


Ah Adrian, how I miss you.  When I moved back to Liverpool in the 1980's we met at many an opening, shared many a drink, and discussed art, philosophy, literature, and (of course) the Bonzos.  You supported me in my work, and I wish I could invite you to Taipei to pass on your knowledge to the students here.  As time passes (as it tends to) I am certain your influence and importance will be further recognised.  I raise a glass in your honour, and will continue to search for a good copy of Environments and Happenings.  love Duncan Mountford


Aged 15 in the early 1970s I came across a copy of The Mersey Sound. To a working class lad raised in the dullness of his parents' ordinaryness, it was a bright and colourful light. The poetry it spurred me to write as a young teenager led to a lifelong relationship with words and ideas and imagination - poetry, song writing and stuff. With ideas and aspirations of things even grander, at 45 I went to University. At 55 I am a Doctor of Philosophy, and my own book will be published later this year. Tonight, 40 years on, I thumbed The Mersey Sound once more. I have always remembered it as a catalyst but tonight I remembered I never said thank you. Thank you. Mark Edwards


Winter Song
Hello. Is a recording of Andy Roberts and Adrian Henri's 'Winter Song' available anywhere? I remember hearing this from a session on the John Peel Show and I'd love to hear it again and buy it! I think 'King for a Day' and 'Urban Cowboy' were in the same session. Can anyone shed any light on this I wonder? Regards Pete


Its great that this archive has finally articulated the work and reminiscences of a fellow artist and friend....I met Adrian when teaching art at Leeds and also from my time at Gambier Terrace. Adrian also worked in the studio next to me at the Bridewell - he was ever the generous and kind one on the social stage and I liked the fact that he gave people his time and attention - we shared a sense of the ridiculous amid the sublime. We differed strongly on our choice of football club. He worked with me on material I used for a performance in Sandymount in Dublin (the burial of one of his poems written for the performance called "Nocturne") which he freely gave to and in return I worked with him on his Requiem piece at the Pier Head - Still have the photos of Adrian's mock funeral with horses and carriage and his head in a sort of plaster globe adorned with tulips. He was generous with his work, too, I still have some of his lyrical hedgerow works and also drawings of Carol Ann after a particularly nasty road accident! I wonder if Catherine is holding many works as part of the estate, for if you wanted to include the works I have in an exhibition, that would be fine.I might be able to dig out some photos and postcards etc as me if you ever want to do anything like that - Adrian would smile I'm sure at some of the past reminiscences..anyway the site is a lovely tribute to himself and I wish you all the best with it. Regards, Martin O'Connor


Hull 1967
Adrian Henri stayed in our flat in Hull, and I believe he wrote a poem about ’The Three Lovely Ladies of Anlaby Road’; that was Sandy, Marilyn and Su (me). Does anyone know anything about this poem, or was it just a back-of-envelope thing that got thrown away. He slept on a flimsy home made bed and it collapsed. Happy times.  Su Leavesley


A Missed Chance
Adrian. I saw you getting on to a bus in Rhyl Bus Station, I stared at you a beatnick type person, just as the bus moved off you stuck your two fingers up at me, someone behind me said "thats Adrian Henri". What a pity we never spoke.
Mike Smith..................................


Hi. Seeing Liverpool Scene at Manchester Free Trade Hall in 1968 (with Country Joe and The Fish no less) and hearing Tramcar To Frankenstein open the set, completely changed my musical life and tastes, especially the free jazz section that is omitted from the Adventures of...  I do have Heirloon LP with the live Warwick track, but it is now unplayable, so I would love to get an mp3 version, so can anybody help? Or better, might we have a remastered version to match the magnificent recent CD release? Or even the complete Warwick University show?  Thanks...Tom Philips


Congratulations, on an elegant and evocative archive. It will be a continuing pleasure to revive memories of a man of such imagination and creativity who was unfailingly kind and a generous friend.  Very best  wishes, Chris Kerr


Hi Catherine,  I was shown the website this afternoon and now I am looking at it in more detail at home. Congratulations on a fantastic website, a fitting and appropriate tribute to such a talented artist/poet and generous and kind person. I look forward to the development of the website. Glad that I have been able to make my own modest contribution and hope to do so more in the future. with best wishes Richard Lysons


C'est trés touchant de voir enfin, ici, réunies toutes ces facettes multicolores d'Adrien Henri. Tout cet univers me touche beaucoup, merci de nous y avoir donner accés. C'est comme un Cri sensible et Libre qui se perpétue en écho. Brigitte Kull


Catherine!  Thank you for letting us know about Adrian’s new site. It is so nice to see some of the early work and check out the poetry again – first encountered as a Foundation student when the AMAZING Adrian came to visit us; I am sure the current generation of students will enjoy and appreciate his work too. It is a great resource which I can let my staff and pupils know about. Will mail a message from Don when he’s seen it. Love and Best Wishes, Janina Cebertowicz


Hi Catherine, well worth the wait. Lots to add I am sure, particularly Adrian's post 1960's exhibitions. The fact that it made absolute sense to include his work in three exhibitions at the Bluecoat over the past three years, Under the Volcano: An Exhibition for Malcolm Lowry (tribute to the writer), Honky Tonk (Liverpool & country music), and Democratic Promenade (interrogating radicalism), is testament to Adrian’s continuing legacy.
Bryan Biggs, Artistic Director at the Bluecoat



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